(John A. Shedd.)


AUMANN MARITIME SHIP REPAIR AGENCY focuses on providing technical, commercial and practical support when it comes to ship repair, conversion, new-building as well as ship engine, turbo charger and deck-machinery services. Regardless whether the ship and/or engine, turbo charger respectively deck machinery repairs are planned or an emergency, whether they should be carried out in dry dock, on voyage, off-port drifting or afloat.

AUMANN MARITIME is helping its customers finding the suitable repair location, either in dry dock or afloat respectively on-voyage, always depending on the customer’s demands and preferences. Moreover AUMANN MARITIME is supporting its customers in the commercial and project management process. Based on his 20 years experience in shipyards worldwide, Stephan is able to mediate in-between all parties, the shipping line, the shipyard and the classification society.

When it comes to repairs where officially licensed and authorized workforce is demanded such as engine & turbo charger services (repairs, overhauling and reconditioning) AUMANN MARITIME is working closely together with licensed and authorized workshops and service providers. See also “Representations”.



The AUMANN MARITIME project management offers technical and commercial project support for customers in the maritime industry as soon as it comes to ship repairs, conversions and / or newbuildings.

If requested, we assist the customer during the entire project, from the selection of the ship repair site to the definition or review of the technical specification, the inquiry to the shipyard or the ship repair service provider, the review and comparison of offers, the project planning and – execution until the invoice is negotiated and the settlement agreement agreed with the shipyard after successful completion of the project. AUMANN MARITIME is also offering to undertaking the project execution for the customer, with joint planning and on-site inspection.

Upon request, AUMANN MARITIME will take over the preparation of the damage reports including comprehensive photo report and a commercial estimate of the costs and project duration for the required repairs of the ship in the event of an accident. AUMANN MARITIME also supports his customers in the definition of the necessary respectively most suitable and also commercially most attractive solution.

AUMANN MARITIME will take over the entire project management and lead for the customer, regardless of where the project is to be carried out globally. AUMANN MARITIME offers a very high level of flexibility and willingness to travel, globally.

AUMANN MARITIME PROJECT MANAGEMENT provides the following services to customers in the shipping industry worldwide:

  • Office visits to the customer for the initial discussion of the project (planned coverage, emergency repair, conversion or new-build)
  • Support in the analysis of the technical facts and first exchange of technical and commercial approaches and solutions for the project
  • Support in the preparation, comparison and control of technical specifications for ship repairs, conversions and new-builds
  • Review of commercial offers from shipyards as well as initial assessment and advice for the max. required project period
  • Execution of invitation for tender to shipyards or other maritime service providers and support in the selection of the most suitable location for either the repair, conversion or new-build
  • Communication with all parties involved on behalf of the customer, such as the shipyard, harbor masters, port authorities, pilots, specialists and subcontractors
  • Entire project planning and execution on behalf of the customer, globally
  • Execution of inspections on site for planned docking in shipyards or emergency repairs in ports or on voyage in the event of a distress situation such as collision, grounding or fire, with or on behalf of the customer
  • Independent damage investigations including detailed reports and photos in the event of accidents and emergency repairs


AUMANN MARITIME PROJECT MANAGEMENT is purely focusing on the support for its customers from the shipping industry to minimize the planned and unplanned downtimes of their ships in order to keep the technical budget under optimal economic control.