AUMANN MARITIME has been founded to provide shipyards, shipping companies, maritime suppliers, seaports and maritime associations with services that bring significant benefits to all stakeholders. As all services provided by AUMANN MARITIME are closely linked, all stakeholders within the shipbuilding and shipping industries can benefit from their advantages.

The AUMANN MARITIME SHIPYARD REPRESENTATION represents – exclusively in Germany – internationally established shipyards for the new construction, the repair and the conversion of ships of all types. Whether small, large or complex challenge, AUMANN MARITIME supports its German shipping customers and immediately finds the right, certified and qualified shipyard for an offer and possibly the execution of the project.

The AUMANN MARITIME SHIP REPAIR AGENCY supports the shipping customer, such as the ship operator or the shipping company in the monitoring of planned repairs, conversions and new construction projects as well as unplanned emergency resp. distress repairs. AUMANN MARITIME offers not only the supervision of the on-site work but also the complete planning and management of the project up to the complete technical ship management.

On the one hand, AUMANN MARITIME CONSULTING focuses on improving internal structures and processes at shipyards and other maritime facilities in order to become more efficient and profitable. In addition, AUMANN MARITIME offers the development of shipyard locations as well as the establishment of repair locations in seaports. Technologically, AUMANN MARITIME supports and advises ship operators on the planning and implementation of ballast water treatment systems, the reduction of SOx emissions by means of scrubbers and the development of mobile LNG stations and LNG as alternative fuel.