In Cyprus based OMNIS MARINE Services is offering technical, sand blasting and security services to its customers in the shipping industry.

The technical services are spanning the maintenance and repair services for marine machinery, turbo charger and deck machinery for ships of all sizes and types. All services are provided by certified technicians licensed by the most common Engine makers.

Moreover is OMNIS MARINE Services offering the provision of engine spare parts and mooring ropes.

OMNIS MARINE is operating in the Mediterranean from its HQ in Cyprus. Under the brand KORMARINE SERVICES is OMNIS in possession of skilled and certified workforce, workshops and offices in the USA (Houston and Los Angeles) as well as in Singapore.

If you are in need of reliable engine, generator and deck machinery repairs globally, engine spare parts or mooring ropes, please contact AUMANN MARITIME, OMNIS MARINE’s representation in Germany.

KORMARINE presentation

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