GENERAL SHIPPING S.A. (Piraeus/Greece)

In Piraeus/Greece based GENERAL SHIPPING S.A. is offering certified protection of metallic surfaces & tank coating application services to its customers in the internationally operating shipping and offshore industry.

Since its establishment in 1971, General Shipping S.A. has built a solid reputation in the field of the protection of metallic surfaces & tank coating applications. The in-depth knowledge, in combination with the challenging demand in the field of tank coating for e.g. product & chemical’s tankers, is the key for General Shipping’s success. General Shipping S.A. is undertaking a broad range of surface maintenance applications such as grit blasting, painting, hydro blasting, gas-free cleaning and the provision of scaffolding.

The latest technology is incorporated with GENERAL SHIPPING’s philosophy, by using its own, permanently upgraded, modern and highly professional equipment. The skilled personnel gives GENERAL SHIPPING the ability and flexibility to perform all types of tank coating and surface applications under optimal and controlled climatically condition. Atmospheric conditions in enclosed-confined spaces are controlled/regulated with dust collectors unit’s, which eliminate the air pollution leading to an environmental friendly operation.

The company’s experience, well-skilled certified employees and in-house quality control specialists are supporting General Shippings vision achieving highest quality results in their projects.

For many years GENERAL SHIPPING S.A. has also commenced many afloat ship repairs for both, Greek and international companies. Many Reference letters submitted from these companies are self speaking for GENERAL SHIPPING’s expertise, professional approach and service quality.

GENERAL SHIPPING S.A. is operating in the Mediterranean from its HQ in Piraeus/Greece.

If you are in need of reliable tank coating or afloat repairs in the Mediterranean, please contact AUMANN MARITIME, GENERAL SHIPPING’S representation in Germany.

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