“It is not the strongest of the species that survive,
but the ones who are responsive to change.”

(Charles Darwin)


AUMANN MARITIME CONSULTING has been established to help maritime customers to improve their organizations, teams and services.

AUMANN MARITIME CONSULTING is supporting shipyards and other maritime organizations developing and improving their services in accordance with the technical demands within the international shipping industry such as water ballast treatment systems, LNG ship conversions, exhaust emission reductions and cleaning, digitalization and other actual new technologies.

A very important reason to establish AUMANN MARITIME CONSULTING is helping the customers improving their organizations and teams in order to become more inspired, efficient and profitable.

The founder of AUMANN MARITIME believes that a system to drive innovation, a clear strategy, a clear and understandable mission and vision, a proper and lean organisational structure, and engaged and aligned employees are the keys to building a great company culture of efficiency and profitability.

AUMANN MARITIME CONSULTING strives to help the customer inspiring their employees in all disciplines and ranks for an improved performance, to understand and live the company’s vision, creating an efficient company culture, improve internal and external communication and learning to be innovative.

Innovation is paramount for maritime organisations. Sometimes employees are reluctant to change but the Innovation approach has a great potential making a difference and helping the employees being a new part of the existing team.

At AUMANN MARITIME CONSULTANCY, I accompany organizations, leaders and their teams on the most turbulent journeys of change – whether strategic, organizational, or leadership, I help build solutions that help leaders, their teams and companies realize their ambitions to transform and improve.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Am I confronted with a difficult to solve organizational and operational problems that are affecting our business performance and potential?
  • Are we not doing our outmost in strategic business development in order to secure sustainable revenues?
  • Are your people not ready or prepared to go outside the box even though there is an urgency?
  • Are we not able to improve our internal processes in order to work the most efficient and profitable way?
  • Are we putting customer relationships at risk the way we are handling our business processes?
  • Is time of the essence?
  • Are we just too close to the problem to solve it?
  • Do we lack the skills and resources needed to solve this problem?
  • Does my greatest need require root cause analysis?
  • Do we need someone who works well on the shop floor and with all levels of management?
  • When we are done – can our people be trained to solve problems?
  • Can the problem be fixed so that it stays fixed?

If you answer any of the above questions with “yes” it is a good moment to contact AUMANN MARITIME and arrange an appointment for a non-binding brain storming session.